Dreamy Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Where To Stay

Hilton Arena Boulevard

The Arena Boulevard Hilton has the best location possible for all things Amsterdam! It is directly across from (and shares the same parking lot/square with) the train station and public transportation. There are plenty of coffee shops and cafes near by, a some great resturants and pubs within walking distance, too!

What To Do

Take a day trip to Kinderdijk

See the sights at night from a canal cruise

Get lost in the fairytale theme park of Etfeling

Must See

Anne Frank House


The Tulip Museum

The Van Gough Museum

Visit Westergasbafrie

Restaurant Recommendations 

The Good Companion de Silveren Spiegel Brasserie Ambassade Restaurant La Rive

Helpful Hints

Language – Dutch 

Currency – Euro – €

Time Zone – Central European Time, CET +1:00

Country Code – +31

Airports – Amsterdam Schipol

Transportation – Taxi, Train, Uber

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