Holiday Gift Guide

It is almost December and the holiday season is in full swing! One of the things I love most about the holiday season is gift giving – a way to show love and appreciation to those near and dear to your heart!

My favorite gifts are something that you know someone will love and appreciate, something that they would never buy for themselves, and something sentimental. Personally, there are no truer words than it is better to give than to recieve, especially during the holiday season. I love the excitement of giving someone a gift and watching them open it.

I keep a note on my phone of all the special people in my life and things that they bring up in conversation, things they are lusting after and just things that I know they like. It could be something as little as a particular brand of chocolate milk, or something as special as the book their grandma used to read to them before bed when they were little. I refer back to this note when it comes time to give a gift for one reason or another, and I love to see the look on people’s faces when it is something they didn’t expect, but are so very thrilled about!

I feel that gift giving is really personal and in turn, gift guides can often be so very inpersonal. Here’s a look into my favorite go to gift ideas that are simple, easy, and allow a for a personal touch!

Something to Do



Sporting Event



Something to Read

Cook Book

Biography of Someone Special

Coloring Book

Special Interest Book

Your Favorite Book to Read


Something to Sweet

Favorite Candy

Favorite Recipe and all the Ingredients

Sweet and Salty

Homemade Baked Goods

Hot Chocolate and Toppings


Something Handmade

 A Kind Note

A Christmas Ornament 

Favorite Meal or Baked Good



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