The Truth About Saturdays

Truth: I have spent every Saturday for as long as I can remember inside an ice rink. Now, I spend my Saturdays eating a fancy breakfast, buying flowers, visiting the local bakery or adventuring with friends.

I am grateful for every early wake up, the frozen toes, the countless cups of tea and especially the friendships that got me through each and every one of those Saturdays. I have come to miss them and their routine, but I have also come to treasure the freedom of Saturday mornings.

The truth about Saturdays is they are good for the soul. Regardless of where you are or what you do, know that there is something special about Saturdays. Fill them with all things that make you happy, regardless of if that means laying in bed for a few extra minutes or getting up extra early to seize the day.

Sometimes, there is magic in the mundane, you just have to look for it.

Shout out to all my girls (and guys) staying in on Friday nights, setting their alarms for the crack of dawn and wearing one too many layers each and every Saturday morning so that they can hold on to the sport they love just a little bit longer. Cheers to you, friends. You are the MVPs of Saturdays.

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